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Special forces called out: Police search nine properties for illegal gambling

Special forces called out : Police search nine properties for illegal gambling

Police searched a total of nine properties early Sunday morning in the Rhine-Sieg district and in Bonn in connection with suspected illegal gambling.

In a large-scale operation, the police took action against illegal gambling in the region on Sunday morning. Numerous forces of SEK, police hundred and criminal investigation department searched in addition in close coordination with the public prosecutor's office, altogether nine premises in Siegburg, Saint Augustin, Troisdorf and Bonn.

Restaurants, club rooms and apartments were searched, among others on Kaiserstraße in Siegburg. Before investigators from the criminal investigation department could inspect the locations, officers from a special operations squad stormed the properties at around 5 am. "There were indications that suspects might be armed," Bonn police spokesman Robert Scholten explained the procedure when asked by the GA.

Confiscated were several gaming tables and machines, which were taken away in a large police truck. Those gaming tables that did not have to be seized were destroyed on the spot by police officers to prevent any further use.' further use. Drugs were also found in one apartment.

During the raid in Siegburg on Kaiserstraße, at least 20 people who were encountered in the searched properties were questioned in handcuffs in a large police bus. Several vehicles parked in front of the properties were also searched. Police service dogs were also deployed.

In Sankt Augustin, a gambling club in the so-called Kaiserbau on Mittelstraße was targeted by investigators. At least two men were arrested there by the police, apparently provisionally.

The searches were preceded by extensive investigations. Scholten explained the massive deployment of forces by the fact that there were supraregional references in the procedure. "However, everything went smoothly and we did not encounter any resistance," the police spokesman continued. The searches and investigations continued until the morning. (Original text: Michael Wrobel, Alf Kaufmann and Christof Schmoll / Translation: Mareike Graepel)