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Insolvent agricultural business from Bornheim: Police searches Ritter houses

Insolvent agricultural business from Bornheim : Police searches Ritter houses

There was a raid on Wednesday in the surroundings of the insolvent Bornheim farmer Claus Ritter. The investigators seized evidence. However, cars that were considered missing were not found.

Representatives of the police, public prosecutor's office and tax investigation department searched several houses in the surroundings of the insolvent Bornheim farmer Claus Ritter on Wednesday morning. This was confirmed by a police spokesman at the request of the General-Anzeiger.

According to the spokesman, ten teams of officers were deployed at eight locations. According to information from the General-Anzeiger, these were private homes of the Ritter family in Bornheim, Bonn and Dernau. In Bornheim, the investigators also went to a courtyard in Brehmstraße and secured files there. The police generally speak of evidence that was seized during the raid.

In prison since court hearing in August

The public prosecutor's office is investigating Ritter for possible insolvency and bankruptcy offences. Since August, Ritter has been in forced custody because he left questions from insolvency administrator Andreas Schulte-Beckhausen unanswered at a court hearing.

During the raid, according to information from the General-Anzeiger, the investigators were looking for valuables which Ritter might have withheld from the Bonn insolvency administrator Andreas Schulte-Beckhausen in the course of the insolvency proceedings. This concerns in particular the whereabouts of a number of vehicles. According to the police, however, these were not found.

Original text: Sven Westbrock and Hans-Peter Fuss

Translation: Mareike Graepel