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Empty beer cans found: Police stop drunken bus driver in Bonn

Empty beer cans found : Police stop drunken bus driver in Bonn

A bus driver apparently drove under the influence of alcohol on a scheduled route from Rheinbach to Bonn on Thursday evening. A passenger had reported the 51-year-old. Police found three empty beer cans in his pocket.

A passenger called the police late on Thursday evening at 11 pm on his way from Rheinbach to Bonn because of the unsafe driving style of a bus driver. The officers then stopped the bus on Rochusstraße in Duisdorf, according to the report. A breathalyser alcohol test showed that the 51-year-old driver was behind the wheel with a 0.5 alcohol level per mille in his breath.

Three empty beer cans were also found in the man's pocket. Because of the special responsibility for passenger transport, bus drivers are subject to an absolute ban on alcohol. The driver had to leave the bus and accompany the officers to the station. There, a blood sample was taken from him because of the suspicion of the endangerment of the road traffic by driving under the influence of alcohol. His driving licence was seized.

(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)