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Snowfall at the weekend: Police stop up to 200 illegal drifters at Nürburgring

Snowfall at the weekend : Police stop up to 200 illegal drifters at Nürburgring

Dangerous driving manoeuvres instead of White Christmas: Snow attracted the so-called "drifter" scene to the region around the Nürburgring at the weekend. Hundreds of the oversteered cars were checked by officials.

Snowfall at the weekend caused numerous dangerous driving manoeuvres and extra police checks around the Nürburgring. According to police reports, at peak times officers stopped up to 200 drivers who had been caught drifting or were considered to be part of the drifter scene. For this purpose, officers issued bans, wrote reports and carried out checks.

"Drifting is by no means a trivial offence," the police wrote on Monday. "In most cases, several laps are driven in traffic roundabouts, whereby the car is deliberately oversteered to the limit of swerving." Especially in cold temperatures, slippery roads then often lead to dangerous situations on the roads, he added.

Several witnesses came forward over the weekend. Further witnesses are asked to contact the police in Adenau on 02691/9250. The investigation continued on Monday. There have been no accidents. Nevertheless, drifters could face fines of 100 euros or more, points in the central traffic register or retraining for novice drivers.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel