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City of Bonn poster campaign: Posters to inform people about new traffic rules

City of Bonn poster campaign : Posters to inform people about new traffic rules

Beginning on Tuesday, July 13, a poster campaign will be launched in Bonn to educated people on the new rules of the road. It is meant to promote a peaceful co-existence between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The City of Bonn is launching a poster campaign to inform people about new rules in road traffic. They are meant to promote a stress-free coexistence for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Starting this Tuesday, July 13, people will be able to see the various posters around the city.

The amendment of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) in April 2020 has brought some changes, especially for bicycles and cars traveling side-by-side. The city is using this as an opportunity to make people aware of existing rules so that everyone on the road can reach their destination comfortably and safely.

Since the new traffic regulations came into force, it is absolutely forbidden to stop on all bike paths and designated bike lanes - in other words, no cars are allowed to park or stop there even briefly. Previously, it was permitted to stop for up to three minutes on the bike lanes.

Distance when overtaking

Cars are now only allowed to overtake a bicycle with a distance of at least one and a half meters between them. If the lane is too narrow for this distance to be observed, the car must stay behind the bicycle until the lane is wide enough or the opposite lane is clear. Outside of built-up areas, this minimum distance becomes a full two meters.

Riding side-by-side

Cyclists are allowed to ride next to each other as long as they do not obstruct others as a result. If a road is too narrow for someone to pass by them at the new minimum distance, for example, then riding two abreast would not be permitted. If the lane is wide enough for overtaking, they must give way if a car approaches from behind. A special rule applies in bicycle lanes: Cyclists are always allowed to ride side-by-side there. They do not have to offer space for overtaking, as cars are only ‘guests’ there. Above all, the following applies: mutual consideration is the top priority in road traffic. Further information on the Road Traffic Regulations and the changes for cyclists can also be found on the city's website at www.bonn.de/stvo.

(Orig. text: GA, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)