Suspected child abuse in Bonn Potential culprit was out on parole

Bonn · The suspect in the case of alleged child abuse in Bonn had been convicted several times and was out on parole. The 54-year-old is said to have sexually abused a twelve-year-old girl in a caravan in Melbta

In the case of the twelve-year-old girl, who was allegedly sexually abused in the caravan of a 54-year-old Bonner, investigations by police and public prosecutors continued. The suspect remains in custody.

Police had sent a patrol car to Melbtal on Carnival Sunday, where the 54-year-old lived in a caravan parked on private property. In the caravan, police officers met the 54-year-old, his 50-year-old acquaintance and the 12-year-old. The girl had run away last Thursday from a children's home in the Lower Rhine area.

As a police spokesman reaffirmed on Tuesday, the local police immediately found evidence of possible sexual abuse. The investigation team, which has meanwhile been set up, is now intensively engaged in questioning witnesses and securing evidence. "In addition to the caravan, which the police secured, this includes a video camera, CDs and playback devices," says police spokesman Robert Scholten.

The 54-year-old's criminal record is apparently long and, according to the public prosecutor's office, has recently been added to by property and drug offences. The list also includes at least one case of DUI and one case of bodily harm. The man from Bonn was imprisoned only because his most recent prison sentence was suspended.

As the General-Anzeiger learned from investigative circles, he has already come into conflict with the law because of a sexual offence. This case, in which no details were given, is said to have been committed decades ago, so there is no direct connection with the current suspicion.

The girl was returned to the children's facility in the Lower Rhine area, the 50-year-old acquaintance of the suspect is at large. The extent to which she is also considered a suspect in the further proceedings now depends on the further investigations.

The rent for the caravan was paid by the Social Welfare Office for the 54-year-old - according to the city administration, this form of support is not an unusual occurrence. Because, according to a city spokesperson: "The city would have to accommodate the homeless anyway".

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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