World Climate Conference Power shovels roll into the Rheinaue

Bonn · Things are going to become a little bit tight in and around the Bonn Rheinaue. On Wednesday, work began on the large tent city that will be used for the World Climate Conference (COP23).

In the first half of November, 25,000 participants are expected for the World Climate Conference (COP23). Preparation work for a tent facility in the Rheinaue has begun and Rolf Rau, who runs the giant Labyrinth maze is one of the first to feel the pinch. Every year, the Labyrinth attraction has been open from May until a week past the summer vacation period. This year, it will have to close down already on August 13 due to the COP23 preparation work. It means a loss of income which will not be compensated because the contract with the city runs only until the 13th.

Weis Events, on the other hand will receive compensation. They put on the “Firmenlauf” (company run) which attracts around 12,000 runners each year. The event is scheduled for September 14th this year, and it will have to move entirely from its previous location in the Rheinaue because of the climate conference preparations. This means that portable facilities will have to be set up for water, electricity and sewage. The federal government will cover these costs, which are expected to add up to a six-digit figure.

Dirk Dötsch has contracts with the city for events and gastronomy at the Rheinaue, and he will receive a one-time payment of 700,000 euros in compensation, providing he submits no further claims. He and his partners wanted to show that events could go on despite the climate conference. Listed under the events his firm organizes are the next three Rheinaue flea markets. It could get tough for flea market visitors, however when Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße and the parking spaces there are closed off completely from August 14. And a large part of the Rheinaue parking lot on Ludwig-Erhard-Allee will be closed off as well - until just before Christmas. These restrictions and others will all have an effect on business for Dötsch.

City spokesperson Monika Hörig acknowledged the effects and restraints the conference will bring for some companies, but says it’s a fact that Bonn and its visitors will hardly feel any limitations. Orig. Text: Dylan Cem AkalinTranslation: ckloep

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