Compare and save Price wars at the gas pump: Up to 30 cents difference

Bonn · Consumers can save a lot of money by looking for petrol stations offering the lowest prices, and noting the times of day when it is cheaper to get gas. The Federal Cartel Office has again noted large price differences in the past year.

At Germany’s petrol stations, a price war continues to rage. Within a city, there can be price differences of more than 30 cents per liter from the cheapest to the highest priced gas in the course of one day.

The information was released in the 2017 annual report from the Federal Cartel Office in Bonn. Even in rural areas, there were price differences of 15 to 25 cents per liter.

Within some petrol stations, one can observe a fluctuation of around ten cents. Overall, the price margins were bigger in the cities than in rural areas.

"Consumers can save a lot of money if they refuel at the right time at the right gas station," said Federal Cartel Office President Andreas Mundt. Prices at the fuel pump tend to be cheapest late in the evening. Most recently, the prices were cheapest usually between 8 and 10pm. But during the day, there were also times when gas prices were cheaper.

With the upcoming holiday season and motorists on the road, it should be noted that prices at the gas stations along the autobahns are on average 15 cents per liter higher than elsewhere. But officials said there were no noticeable increases in prices over Easter and Pentecost Sunday last year. How prices develop is essentially determined by the crude oil price.

The federal agency that monitors and makes fuel prices transparent for consumers has existed since December of 2013, located in Bonn. Every day, it evaluates price data for diesel and super (E 5 and E10) from around 14,750 petrol stations in Germany. This information is made available to consumers via internet portals and mobile apps. With the most up-to-date possible data, the agency not only wants to help motorists, but also keep a healthy competition in the industry.

Orig. text: dpa, Translation: ck

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