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Water damage in Maximilian Center: Primark Bonn reopens, shopping arcade to remain closed for weeks

Water damage in Maximilian Center : Primark Bonn reopens, shopping arcade to remain closed for weeks

The Maximilian Center can partially reopen: While customers will be allowed to re-enter Primark as of Monday, the shopping arcade underground will likely remain closed for weeks.

It will probably take at least another five weeks before the damage to the Maximilian Center at Bonn's central train station is repaired. This is according to a spokesperson for the Bayrischen Versorgungskammer, the owner of the building. While the shopping arcade in the underground area remains closed, Primark, located above ground, can reopen on Monday.

The Maximilian Center has had water damage twice in recent weeks. On June 20, heavy rain caused water to penetrate the room where the electrical system is housed, causing a major power failure. For days, the tenants of the stores could not enter their businesses because of the risk of electric shock. The exact extent of the damage was not yet known when water entered the underground area a second time. This time the water came from a neighboring property and entered from a tunnel to the train station: On July 14, there was standing water in the shopping arcade.

Expert opinion still pending

At least in the case of the most recent water episode, the Bayerische Versorgungskammer was able to quickly remedy the situation. "Comprehensive and immediate measures were taken to pump out the large quantities of water. Subsequently, drying of the affected areas was started immediately," explains spokesman Alexander Süß. A specialist company was also brought in to check on other components as well. But the results and opinions from an expert will be needed able to assess the extent of the damage, and these are not yet available.

As far as the main power supply for the underground arcade, it had been partially contaminated with mud by the heavy rain, making a costly renovation necessary, according to Süß. Meanwhile, the extent to which the electrical switchgear could be repaired was also being assesses. "The special cleaning and drying of the property's main power distribution system, which was severely damaged by the first water damage on June 20, unfortunately revealed that the main distribution system along with the metering system must be completely replaced and cannot be repaired again on an interim basis," Süß explained. He added that this will also have a direct impact on the reopening of the shopping arcade, as the delivery of all switchgear components, including their installation, will take at least another five weeks. "For this reason, the shopping arcade will not be able to open for this period. Whether there will be even a longer closing period due to the damage caused by the second water episode cannot be assessed at the moment, as the expert reports have not yet been completed."

Primark opens on Monday

There is good news for the tenant Primark: The above-ground areas are technically largely self-sufficient, because there is a separate power supply, with the technical equipment on the roof of the building. "Still, these areas had to be closed as well, because there are important interfaces in the area of fire protection and safety technology in the overall building systems, and the lack of functionality of the systems meant that it was impossible to keep operations running," says Süß. These problems have now been resolved, he said, which is why the fashion retailer will be able to reopen on Monday.

(Orig. text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)