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In the Maximilian Center: Primark prepares for opening in Bonn

In the Maximilian Center : Primark prepares for opening in Bonn

Preparations for the opening of Primark in Bonn this coming Tuesday are in full swing. The fashion discounter has already allowed a glimpse behind the scenes.

Cartons are everywhere, employees are putting merchandise on shelves or hanging it on hangers. The fashion retailer Primark is preparing for its opening this Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Maximilian Center.

During a walk through of the three sales floors on Friday, a company spokesman is confident that everything is running like clockwork. In the dressing room area, a so-called showroom catches the eye. It’s a place where customers can organize small fashion shows.

The company, which has been criticized for its low price policy and throwaway fashion, is visibly trying to improve its image. By abandoning online retailing, the company is bolstering the city, says the spokesman. Primark also wants to be exemplary in its treatment of employees: An attractively designed cafeteria is available to them on the top floor.

Of the workforce, 20 percent are full-time staff, 60 to 70 percent part-time and the remaining employees are employed via mini-jobs. Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen Translation: Carol Kloeppel