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Carousels go round on Münsterplatz: Pützchens Markt funfair celebrates 650 years

Carousels go round on Münsterplatz : Pützchens Markt funfair celebrates 650 years

Nostalgia and history will come to Bonn in July as the historic Pützchen’s Markt fair is celebrated. The 650th anniversary of the funfair will bring some old-fashioned fun and flair to the city center.

It’s perhaps the most famous and historical funfair around town. And with good reason, Pützchen’s Markt, located in Bonn-Beuel will be coming to Bonn city center this summer. From Friday, July 7th until Sunday, July 16th, Bonn will celebrate 650 years of the big fair.

The celebration in Bonn comes two months before the actual Pützchen’s Markt funfair kicks off in Beuel; it runs September 8 - 12. Münsterplatz in Bonn will be transformed into a historical funfair with nostalgic rides, including “Route 66”. With seven amusement park rides dating back to 1900 - 1960, as well as a shooting gallery and three fairground organs, the event will run for ten days in Bonn’s inner city.

Included in the fair is a carousel with 18 hand-carved wooden horses, a ferris wheel some may recognize from the Christmas Market and a children’s carousel. The smell and taste of cotton candy and roasted almonds will also linger in the air, and there will be a historical exhibition, films and a celebratory mass.

The highlight of the celebration will be a big parade on Sunday, July 9. Around 50 historical floats and groups involving more than 500 people will make their way through the inner city, beginning at 2 pm.

Bottlerplatz is the starting area for the parade. It will then proceed to Friedensplatz, Sternstraße, Markt, Remigiusstraße, Münsterplatz, In der Sürst, Poststraße and Vivatsgasse, and finally back to Bottlerplatz.

Parallel to the historical funfair celebration, the Münster Cathedral will have an area with an exhibition on the life and works of city patron Saint Adelheid. It will be open to the public from 7am until 7 pm. On Sunday, July 9 at 12 pm, there will be a holy mass in the church to celebrate the anniversary of the fair. (Orig. text: Holger Willcke)