Corona protest on carnival day "Querdenker" allowed to protest in Bonn on November 11

Bonn · Bonn's "Querdenker" can hold a vigil on Wednesday on the Münsterplatz. The police expect about 20 people.

 The „Querdenker“ („lateral thinkers“) protest in Bonn.

The „Querdenker“ („lateral thinkers“) protest in Bonn.

Foto: Martin Wein

The Bonn offshoot of the group "Querdenker" („lateral thinkers“) is allowed to demonstrate on Wednesday, 11 November, on the Münsterplatz. As a police spokesman told the GA on Tuesday upon request, about 20 people want to gather for a vigil at one of the central squares of the city centre between 11 and 12.30 pm.

The reason is apparently the cancellation of the opening of the carnival session, which otherwise takes place on 11 November, because the motto of the demonstration is "Session 2020/21 für 'n Arsch".

(Original text: Dennis Scherer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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