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150 people protest: “Querdenker” demonstrate at UN campus in Bonn

150 people protest : “Querdenker” demonstrate at UN campus in Bonn

Around 150 members of the “Querdenker” or lateral thinker movement gathered at the UN campus on Thursday evening for a demonstration against the current coronavirus protective measures.

Around 150 supporters of the “Querdenker” or lateral thinker movement demonstrated against the current coronavirus protective measures on Thursday evening at the UN campus. The lawn in front of the Deutsche Welle building was cordoned off to a great extent, but the crowd was much smaller. A large number of police and public order officers were on hand but had little to do as the entire demonstration was peaceful. At the beginning, a small group of anti-fascists had tried to disrupt the demonstration.

The area in front of the former Bundestag and the UN building had been deliberately chosen as a way of drawing attention to the still restricted fundamental rights, explained a spokesperson for the “Querdenker” activists. Various speakers at the demonstration also zeroed in on the restrictions of basic rights. The compulsory wearing of masks in school lessons and the rapid Covid-19 tests to be carried out by the students themselves also came under fire. During the demonstration, which lasted about two hours, demonstrators observed the mandatory mask requirement and social distancing regulations.

In November last year, around 450 supporters of the “Querdenker” movement demonstrated in the city center of Bonn against the coronavirus protection measures - even though the gathering had been banned. The police and the public order office wrote up 36 violations of the mask requirement and the Infection Protection Act.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Flick, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)