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Ahrweiler wine festival: Queues outside wineries

Ahrweiler wine festival : Queues outside wineries

Visitors enjoyed Blanc de Noir and mellow lounge music alongside the historic city walls at the alternative event over the weekend.

The second part of a rather unusual Ahrweiler wine festival took place this weekend. The alternative event saw the wineries set up alongside the city wall and in the garden of the Calvarienberg monastery. Long queues formed especially on Saturday evening as the permitted number of visitors were quickly reached. At one time 350 people were able to enjoy the Ahrweiler wines in the 100-metre-long event area on Friedrichstrasse.

Late summer weather provided the organisers with full wineries and those behind the small wine stalls were also satisfied with the numbers. This year the pale-coloured wines were in demand once again, especially the Blanc de Noir. Soft lounge music played from the loudspeakers, and people were enjoying themselves in the shade of the city wall. Small and larger groups, including a hen party, toasted to an imminent end to the Corona restrictions with wines from five different wineries. Tables in the garden of the Calvarienberg monastery were also full, where 250 people were able to join the event at the same time. Not all visitors were pleased with the entrance fee here of 15 euros. For this price they enjoyed live music and received a stylish wine glass to fill with fine wines from a total of nine wine growers. The colourfully illuminated monastery walls created a special ambience.

Ahrweiler was very well attended on what is actually the second festival weekend for the winegrowers, where visitors are usually invited to the wine market. When the vineyards closed their doors in the evening, many people crowded into the town and pubs, where the capacity limits were also quickly reached. The same was true for the restaurants, although there was at least one snack bar in the wineries.

In the end, the red wine metropolis experienced two quiet wine weeks during which fewer guests were allowed to join in the celebrations. But the idea of the wineries as a substitute for wine festivals in Corona times has definitely proven its worth.

(Original text: wbe, Translation: Caroline Kusch)