Police on the lookout for speeders Radar controls from December 31 to January 6

BONN/REGION · New Year’s or not – city council and police are performing speed checks on motorists in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg region. Here’s the list of speed checks this week.

Monday, December 31

  • in Bonn on the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee

Tuesday, January 1

  • in Bonn on the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee

Wednesday, January 2

  • in Bonn on the r Adenauerallee, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Lievelingsweg, Hohe Straße, Bornheimer Straße, Ennemoserstraße, Siemensstraße, Flodelingsweg
  • in Beuel on the Niederkasseler Straße (L 16)
  • in Meckenheim on the r Wormersdorfer Straße and in Alfter-Impekoven on the B 56

Thursday, January 3

  • in Bonn at the Ohligsmühle, on the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Friedenstraße, Röckumstraße, Ferdinandstraße
  • in Königswinter-Stieldorf on the Raiffeisenstraße
  • in Bad Godesberg on the Rheinallee, in Bonn-Lengsdorf

Friday, January 4

  • in Bonn on the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Am Herrengarten, Siemensstraße, Waldstraße, Sigmund-Freud-Straße
  • in Königswinter-Oberpleis on the L 268 /Flurweg
  • in Bornheim-Rösberg on the Metternicher Straße
  • in Meckenheim on the L 158 / Kalkofenstraße
  • in Bonn-Beuel on the Maarstraße

Saturday, January 5

  • in Bonn on the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, Spreestraße

Sunday, January 6

  • in Bonn on the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee

In addition the police will also perform speed checks in these areas in the Rhein-Sieg region:

  • B 8, Hennef, between Bierth and Uckerath
  • L 269, Niederkassel, between Mondorf and Niederkassel
  • L 316, between Siegburg and Hennef
  • L 333, Windeck-Hoppengarten, Herchener Straße
  • K 8, Sankt Augustin-Hangelar, Konrad-Adenauer-Straße
  • K 20, Troisdorf, Wahner Heide
  • L 333, Hennef, between Europaallee and Greuelsiefen
  • B 507, Lohmar, between Donrath and Geber (Kü)

The police point out that short-term checks are to be expected in the entire district and city area.

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