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Summer weather: Rain and thunderstorms for Bonn and region on Wednesday

Summer weather : Rain and thunderstorms for Bonn and region on Wednesday

Chances of precipitation remain at 90 percent. Thunderstorms and rain are expected for Bonn and the surrounding area on Wednesday. But what is in store for the rest of the summer?

“Siebenschläfertag” is something like an unofficial version of German weather forecasting. The old farmers’ saying goes that the weather on this day will be the vision of weather to come for the next seven weeks. June 27th was “Siebenschläfertag” - not exactly a warm and dry summer day.

So do we now look forward to seven weeks of rain? Experts at the German Weather Service (DWD) can alleviate our fears: The deciding factor is not one single day but rather the entire stretch from the end of June until the beginning of July. If poor weather dominates over this period of time, then the chances for a cool and wet summer are relatively high, according to the DWD. And of course the computer supported weather forecasting is more reliable than an old farmers’ saying.

After a non-summer like day on June 27th, thunderstorms are possible for Wednesday afternoon. The “Unwetterzentrale” (meteorolgical central warning station) has already issued a warning level of orange, which stands for moderately strong storms.

According to the DWD, there is a warning for heavy rainfall in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and localized storms. The reason for the unstable weather is a low pressure area, moving over NRW with warm and very moist air masses. This creates strong precipitation and some thunderstorms. In some locations in NRW, this could result in up to 25 liters per square meter within a short period of time. Thunderstorms could bring gusts of wind as high as 75 kilometers per hour as well as small hail. Later in the afternoon, the sun should be out again in Bonn.

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