Outlook for Bonn and the surrounding region Rain and warm temperatures at the start of the week

Bonn/Region · The new week in and around Bonn is once again going to start with lots of rain and little sunshine. On the other hand, temperatures are slowly rising. Here’s the outlook.

 The new week gets off to a cloudy start in Bonn and the region. (symbolic image)

The new week gets off to a cloudy start in Bonn and the region. (symbolic image)

Foto: dpa/Boris Roessler

The start of the new week in Bonn and the surrounding region will continue to be grey and rainy on Monday. The sun is only expected to shine for two hours and heavier rain is to be expected in the afternoon, according to WetterOnline. However, temperatures will slowly get a bit more summery and rise to around 23 degrees. The chance of rain will only decrease during Monday night.

Tuesday will then start a little more favourably. Especially in the morning, the sun could emerge from behind the grey cloud cover for a while. However, the good weather is not expected to last too long. From the afternoon, thunderstorms, rain and strong gusts of wind may occur in Bonn and the region. Temperatures will then be around 24 degrees.

It will continue to rain on Wednesday. However, the weather could clear up in the afternoon. Overall, WetterOnline is expecting around four hours of sunshine for the day. Temperatures are expected to be between 16 and 23 degrees. But if you’re out and about late on Wednesday evening, don’t forget to take your umbrella: It could get uncomfortably rainy again on Wednesday night.

(Original text: GA; Translation: Jean Lennox)