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Staff council raise the alarm: Rats in the fire station in Bonn

Staff council raise the alarm : Rats in the fire station in Bonn

Rats on the premises of the professional fire brigade in Bonn are currently causing unrest. The personnel council of the city sees the problem so seriously that the chairman already informed the industrial safety association on the matter.

The staff council of the city of Bonn speaks of a rat problem. The city itself and the municipal waste disposal company Bonnorange wave it off. Bonnorange even speaks of misinformation. However, the staff council has already called in the staff unit for work safety, as the chairman confirmed on Friday in conversation with the General-Anzeiger.

The operating area at the Lievelingsweg is the one in question, where not only Bonnorange is located, but where also the occupational fire-brigade, the urban building yard and the channel and brook maintenance are accommodated. Rats were not only sighted on the area, but also in the wash hall of the fire-brigade already, said the chairman of the personnel council Christoph Busch. Something had to be done. "After all, the vermin transmit diseases.

The background of the problem is the changed practice with Bonnorange to handle the garbage. As Busch explained, the garbage remains for a while in the area and is not driven away immediately. That attracts the vermin. The problem had existed for some time. "We don't have any feedback from the city yet", says Busch. However, if the city does not do anything, the staff council wants to take further steps. When asked, the city council explains that there is no plague of rats. "From our point of view, the situation is not problematic," a spokesperson says. There is currently no need for action, they say. "But we're keeping an eye on the situation." In addition, Bonnorange had already taken measures. First references to the vermin were noted in December, according to the city council.

Combating costs each year 25,000 euro

Bonnorange emphasizes that it is completely normal for rats to occasionally appear where garbage is worked with. However, the municipal waste management company also claims to have "changed procedures" due to the pest situation since the beginning of November and to have now transported containers to the disposal facilities on the same day. Bonnorange is being overseen by pest controllers. In general, the pest population has risen due to the hot summer and the dry sewers with an increased supply of fodder. However, this affects all cities, according to the disposal company.

The garbage being stored temporarily has financial reasons, according to the disposal company: Only when a certain amount has to be transported is a journey economically viable. This is intended to avoid additional charges for the people of Bonn.

It was not until the summer that a plague of mice in the Stadthaus became known. However, according to the staff council, something is happening at the moment. The rat infestation in Bonn in general has remained constant in recent years, according to the city’s spokesperson. The city council spends around 25,000 Euro every year to combat the outbreak.

(Original text: Nadine Klees / Translation: Mareike Graepel)