Cologne-Bonn airport Record breaking summer for airport

Cologne/Bonn · Nearly 1.9 million people used Cologne-Bonn airport as their gateway to the world this summer.

1,896,243 passengers were recorded at Cologne-Bonn airport during the summer holidays, 265,897 more than last year. The increase of 16 per cent is a new record for the airport. Head of the airport, Michael Garvens, said: “It was a record summer for our airport – we have never had so many passengers in the holidays.” The peak day for passenger numbers was 31 July, with 46,274 guests.

The most popular holiday destination over the last six weeks of summer holidays was Palma de Mallorca, with 224,190 people flying from Cologne-Bonn to the Mediterranean island. The next most popular were Antalya with 132,685 and Istanbul with 90,044 passengers. Despite the tense political situation in Turkey, the number of people travelling there remained stable. It ranked second behind Spain (397,673 passengers) as the most popular holiday destination with 302,372 passengers.

(Orig. text: ga; translated by Kate Carey)

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