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Deutsche Bahn construction work: Regional traffic affected beginning Wednesday

Deutsche Bahn construction work : Regional traffic affected beginning Wednesday

Due to construction work by Deutsche Bahn, there may be delays and disruptions in regional traffic in the greater Cologne area from Wednesday. The Bonn region will also be affected.

From Wednesday, November 14 to Monday, November 19, Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) will be renewing railway switches all day long between Cologne Central Station and the Hohenzollern Bridge. This has an impact on regional traffic, with various platforms and tracks having to be closed temporarily or partially. As a result, the regional and local transport timetables in the greater Cologne area are affected in part. The region around Bonn is also affected.

The Regionalexpress RE 6 will be diverted between Cologne/Bonn Airport and Minden in the direction of Minden between Cologne Messe/Deutz and Düsseldorf Central Station via Cologne-Mülheim, Leverkusen Mitte and Düsseldorf-Benrath. The stops at Cologne Central Station, in Dormagen and in Neuss will be eliminated, passengers can use the S-Bahn 11 instead. The RE travels towards the airport as usual.

The RE 8 between Koblenz and Mönchengladbach will be diverted towards Mönchengladbach between Cologne/Bonn Airport and Cologne-Ehrenfeld via Cologne South. The train does not stop at Cologne Messe/Deutz or at Cologne Central Station. Only the scheduled trains starting at Messe/Deutz will continue to run there. The trains to Koblenz will not be affected. The Cologne - Kaldenkirchen train will be dropped.

The RE 9 (Siegen-Aachen and Köln-Siegen): The trains are diverted in the direction of Aachen between Porz (Rhine) and Köln-Ehrenfeld via Köln Süd (additional stop). Only the trains ending in Cologne will run as usual. The trains in the direction of Siegen run as usual. The additional rush hour services between Cologne and Siegen are cancelled.

The regional train RB 27 (Koblenz-Rommerskirchen/Mönchengladbach): The trains run as usual from Wednesday to Friday, only the journeys originally beginning and ending in Cologne Central Station are shifted to Cologne Messe/Deutz. On Saturday and Sunday the trains between Deutz and Rommerskirchen will be cancelled. Most trains run from Köln-Messe/Deutz to Troisdorf on Saturday and Sunday about ten minutes earlier. The opposite direction is not affected.

Further timetable adjustments:

RE 1 (Hamm -Aachen): The trains will be diverted in the direction of Aachen between Düsseldorf Hbf and Köln-Ehrenfeld via Neuss Hbf (additional stop) and Dormagen (additional stop). The stops in Düsseldorf-Benrath, Leverkusen Mitte, Köln-Mülheim, Köln-Messe/Deutz and Köln Hbf will be cancelled (replaced by S 6 and RE 5). The trains in the direction of Hamm will run as usual.

RE 12 (Trier - Cologne): The trains will be cancelled on Sunday, 18.11.2018. Alternatively the trains of the lines RE 22 and RB 24 are available.

RB 38 (Bedburg - Cologne): Most of the trains between Horrem and Cologne will be cancelled in both directions. In the night hours between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., the trains run as usual from / to Cologne.

S 11 (Cologne - Cologne-Dellbrück): Most trains run as scheduled. The 6:35 a.m. train from Cologne Central Station to Cologne-Dellbrück is cancelled. The 7:30 a.m. train from Cologne-Dellbrück to Cologne Central Station is cancelled.

The timetable changes are available in the information and booking systems. DB asks all affected passengers to inform themselves about the actual departure and arrival times before departure. Travel connections with real-time information can be found in the DB Navigator app and at www.bahn.de/reiseauskunft

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