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Damage on the overhead line: Regional train evacuated

Damage on the overhead line : Regional train evacuated

A train had to be evacuated near Unkel when it encountered a damaged overhead line. The route is closed off for repairs.

Damage to the overhead wiring on the railway route running along the right side of the Rhine caused a disruption in rail traffic on Monday afternoon. A train had to be evacuated near the town of Unkel and alternative arrangements were made to transport passengers between Rhöndorf and Unkel. The cause of the damage was not yet known.

A spokesperson for the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) said the damage was encountered at around 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon and after that, the route could not be used anymore. A train which was about 200 meters away from the Unkel station had to be evacuated. Passengers climbed out and walked back to Unkel, with the fire department supporting the evacuation.

Because officials had not yet determined the cause of the damage, they could not say when normal routes on the track would be resumed. Four buses were being used to transport passengers between the train stations at Rhöndorf and Unkel.

(Orig. text: Katrin Janssen)