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Work on lift: Renovation at Bad Godesberg train station drags on

Work on lift : Renovation at Bad Godesberg train station drags on

The Bonn public utilities company (SWB) has stumbled across a previously unknown cellar ceiling while laying electricity cables during the renovation of Bad Godesberg railway station. This is causing delays

There are further delays and surprises during the renovation of Bad Godesberg’s railway station. The Bonn public utilities company (SWB) encountered a problem while laying electricity cables for the lift in the ticket hall, which is still not working: a cellar ceiling, about which nobody seems to know anything.

There is nothing new about the lift still not working in the new year and those with problems walking still having to take the stairs. A railway spokesperson had already announced at the end of last year that it would first start operating in the first quarter of 2019.

A traffic ligtht is first to be installed

As reported, the SWB was commissioned to lay the electricity cables. A total of 200 metres have already been laid, including from the station to the corner of Moltkestraße. It has also already been laid along Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and only a small bit between is still missing. “Unfortunately two sorts of unforeseen time delays have prevented this,” said press spokesperson Veronika John, when asked by the GA.

A traffic light is first to be installed at the corner of Ebert and Moltkestraße. After discussions with the city and the supplier, it was to be installed on Monday. “If the weather permits, the laying of the underground cable will then be continued to the train station,” said the spokesperson.

The SWB employees encountered the next problem at the train station itself. The station’s electrical connection is located in Deutsche Bahn electrical cabinets, through the base of which the cable is to be joined with the building’s connection. During the construction work, the cellar ceiling was discovered, which “cannot simply be drilled through,” said John. SWB clarified how to deal with the situation with an architect’s office appointed by Deutsche Bahn. “We will now drill through the ceiling and connect the electricity cables to the cabinets, ie the building,” explained John. The works should be completed by the end of January.

The announced automatic door in the entry hall of the railway station and the disabled access ramp at Von-Groote-Platz are also still a long way off. Construction of the latter “will start after the lift in the entry hall starts operating and in consultation with the city over measures for the conversion of Ria-Maternus-Platz,” said a railway spokesperson. The city has nothing to do with the planning of the ramp. According to information from the administration’s press office, it is only involved in the financing. Original text: Kim Forster. Translation: kc