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Large rescue operation in Siegburg: Rescue teams search for child in the Sieg River

Large rescue operation in Siegburg : Rescue teams search for child in the Sieg River

Rescue teams searched the Sieg River on Sunday evening for a child that had reportedly gone underwater in distress. Around 100 emergency personnel were on the scene. But it seems that the child had already been rescued.

A child was said to have gone underwater in distress in the Sieg River on Sunday evening. Police, fire department, THW and DLRG were called out to a large-scale operation, with around 100 emergency workers on the scene. According to police, an emergency call was made that a child had gone underwater at an area near Wahnbachtalstrasse. Divers, a helicopter, a boat and a drone from the fire department were all deployed for the search.

When the fire department arrived, there were still around 100 people near the shore who had spent the evening at the water's edge, barbecuing, among other things. But the police said after talking to all of those present that no one was missing a child. It was also initially unclear who had seen the child in the water. Rescue workers stayed and searched the shore and the Sieg with all available units - also from the air. After about an hour, the situation was somewhat more clear. In fact, a child had probably fallen into the Sieg and been rescued by a group of men. According to a witness, the men jumped into the Sieg fully clothed.

The witness called the emergency number, which is why the emergency operation commenced. Before the fire department arrived, however, the men had already left the scene together with the child and could no longer be found. The police believe that the child was there with the group of men, because nobody at the scene indicated that they were missing a child. The emergency units left the area at around 9:30 pm. after the entire area had been searched again thoroughly. The Wahnbachtalstrasse was closed for the duration of the operation, also due to the large number of emergency vehicles.

(Orig. text: GA, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)