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Utility company Enewa gives an all-clear: Residents in Wachtberg getting cloudy water from the tap

Utility company Enewa gives an all-clear : Residents in Wachtberg getting cloudy water from the tap

Residents living on Drachenfelsstrasse in Wachtberg were wondering about the milky color of their drinking water. But the water supplier Enewa has given an all-clear

Residents living along Drachenfelsstrasse in Niederbachem experienced cloudy water coming out of the faucet on Thursday morning. The suspicion arose that this was related to ongoing construction work by local water supplier Enewa in the area of Kesselsfeldweg and Drachenfelsstrasse. As reported, Enewa has taken over the water supply for the village of Niederbachem from the Bonn municipal utility in the changeover from 2020 to 2021. Among other things, this also requires the construction of a booster station in the area of Kesselsfeldweg.

Only on tuesday, the utility company had to shut off the water in the Drachenfelsstrasse area for several hours during the day because of some additional work that had to be carried out. When asked, Enewa managing director Kai Birkner confirmed that the murkiness of the water was related to the rerouting measures "we have carried out in Niederbachem. Flushing has already been carried out in large parts of the network and the water was clear," Birkner explained. He continued, "The murkiness (of the water) is not a health concern. Our employees are on site and will carry out further flushing if still necessary." Customers can call 0228/3773680 to report any issues, and Enewa will follow up and investigate.

(Orig. text: Axel Vogel, Translation: ck)