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Site at Kennedyallee: Residents oppose development in Plittersdorf

Site at Kennedyallee : Residents oppose development in Plittersdorf

142 residents signed a citizens’ petition to voice their opposition to the potential overdevelopment of a site on Kennedyallee. An existing Postbank complex there is to be demolished and new housing and offices built in its place.

The planned demolition of an existing Postbank complex and new construction of apartments and offices on Kennedyallee are attracting the attention of Plittersdorf residents. They have collected 142 signatures to express their opposition to the area becoming overdeveloped after the Postbank complex is demolished.

All in all, they would prefer no apartments to be built there. And they also call for the planned quota of 40 percent for social welfare housing to be lower. Bad Godesberg politicians will be discussing the wishes of the Plittersdorf residents on Wednesday, January 30 at 5 p.m. in the Stadthalle on Koblenzer Straße 80.

Investors failed to give “satisfactory answers”

The neighborhood sprung into action following an information letter received from the Düsseldorf Gerchgroup in December. This is the investment group which bought the remaining ensemble of buildings framed by Ahrstrasse and Moselstrasse. The investors were unable to provide "satisfactory answers" to decisive questions, according to the residents who filed the petition.

They would like the new buildings to be oriented towards the existing houses in the surrounding area - usually one to two stories high. "In the redevelopment of the property, the existing residential development in the river district has to be taken into account in an appropriate way, especially with regard to the height limits, the spacing and the quiet zones", according to the wording.

Climate report requested

Concerning the number and height of the floors, the citizens want a climate report - they want to ensure that enough fresh air will still blow through Plittersdorf in the future. They also want the traffic situation to be scrutinized: "Today, Kennedyallee and Ludwig-Erhard-Allee are already completely congested in rush hours all the way up to the B9. As far as parking is concerned, a new underground car park would have to be large enough."

In essence, however, the residents want only offices to be built on the site. Currently, 1500 people work at the existing complex which covers 32,000 square meters. Also wanted is that the strips of land on either side of the complex, with grass, trees and bushes remain.

The investor is currently planning 200 to 300 residential units, which the residents reject. At most, they believe it should be private homes and only a small number of rented apartments - so that everything fits better into the surrounding area. The rented apartments should preferably be located on Kennedyallee, in that area the demolition is expected in 2022. Postbank itself is giving up several locations in the city in order to move into the new building on Bundeskanzlerplatz (formerly Bonn-Center).

(Orig. text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)