Nine new cases Returning tourists cause Corona rise in the Neuwied district

Neuwied District · The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the Neuwied district increased over the weekend. One person returning from a journey apparently infected nine more people.

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As the district announced on Monday, a total of 226 people have tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus so far. One holiday returnee was infected, according to the report. His close contacts were tested for corona infection by the health department after the investigation. Six people in the family circle and three other acquaintances were also found to be infected with the virus.

"The increase makes it more than clear that we are in the middle of a pandemic," said District Administrator Achim Hallerbach. The fact that nine more people have been infected, starting from a single person, shows how highly contagious the corona virus is and how important it is to comply with the rules for returning home. "It is absolutely essential that the health authorities are informed when returning from a trip and that the quarantine is observed," said Hallerbach, who informed himself about the chain of infection at the health authorities’ offices.

Currently, nine new corona cases have been registered in the Neuwied district, eleven people are in active quarantine according to the district. The 226 cases are distributed among the communities as follows: City of Neuwied: 80; Asbach district: 39 (+8), Bad Hönningen district: 16, Dierdorf district: 5, Linz district: 22 (+1), Puderbach district: 10, Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach district: 31 and Unkel district: 23.

(Original text: ga / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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