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Lane closures cause traffic back-up: Reuterstraße accident: Driver in critical condition

Lane closures cause traffic back-up : Reuterstraße accident: Driver in critical condition

A serious car crash caused major traffic back-up on Reuterstraße on Wednesday afternoon. The driver of one car suffered life-threatening injuries.

On Wednesday afternoon, the driver of a silver Mercedes swerved into oncoming traffic on Reuterstraße, resulting in a serious accident. The crash occurred at around 3:05 pm. There was no explanation as to why it might have happened. Police say the 51-year-old driver of the Mercedes is in critical condition.

According to police, the man had been driving on Reuterstraße in the direction of the autobahn. On Reuterstraße near the Botanical Gardens, he drove over the concrete barrier that separates the lanes of traffic. Then he collided with an oncoming car, driven by a 50-year-old woman.

The Mercedes driver was trapped in his car and had to be freed by fire and rescue workers. He was treated by an emergency physician at the scene. Police say he was then transported to the hospital, having suffered life-threatening injuries. The woman suffered minor injuries.

The lanes of Reuterstraße in the direction of Bad Godesberg had to be completely closed off beginning at the A 565 Poppelsdorf exit. Only one lane was closed on Reuterstraße in the direction towards the autobahn. Traffic was heavily disrupted and backed up on the A 565 to the Tannenbusch ramp for a period of time.

Police are asking any witnesses to please contact them: (0228) 150. (Orig. text: ga)