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More incidents for police and rescue services: Rhine in Flames overshadowed by sex offences

More incidents for police and rescue services : Rhine in Flames overshadowed by sex offences

The number of incidents at Rhine in Flames involving the police, rescue services and the public order office rose slightly this year. Two men were arrested on suspicion of a sex crime. Project “Monica” delivered important insights.

The number of incidents at Rhine in Flames rose slightly. “However, it is within the range of expected incidents,” is the positive conclusion of the city administration.

Police had to increasingly intervene in the dark. By 2.30am, a total of eight people had been taken into custody. As well as assault, police also recorded insults and theft offences. For one 29-year-old from Bonn, the event ended in police custody before 7pm: he had rampaged through the Rheinaue at around 6.30pm and ignored several orders to leave. An alcohol test showed a reading of 1.8 parts per thousand. A 35-year-old woman threw a bottle at police around 10.30pm. She also tried to hit a female officer in the face with her elbow.

Two 26 and 47-year-old men were arrested at 11.30pm close to the Rose Garden on suspicion of a sex offence. Only a short time later, two young women came forward, who had been indecently assaulted by a group of eight in the crowd in front of the main stage.

The rescue services were involved in 195 incidents – 64 cases of general medical care, 113 cases of surgical care and 13 “other” cases were administered to. There were 52 alcohol-related incidents, half of which involved youths under the age of 18.

The public order office recorded 162 traffic offences. The towing service was called out 18 times to keep escape and rescue routes clear. Police patrols conducted checks on 488 people, two of whom were asked to leave. During controls on youths, 95 alcoholic beverages and 25 packets of cigarettes were destroyed. Twelve heavily intoxicated youths were found and cared for.

The experience of the rescue services at the island festival for Rhine in Flames on Grafenwerth Island in the Rhine in front of Bad Honnef was positive. The DRK and Malteser spoke of a “quiet island festival.” Seven people were taken to hospital because of alcohol. Two young people complained of dizziness and were also taken to hospital for further investigations for possible knockout drops.

The “Monica” security system provided the Frauhofer Institute with some important findings in its first major field study. Among other things, visitor flows were recorded and noise emissions monitored. The results will help the further development of the project, which will continue next week in Lyon. This year’s field trials of the project, which is funded by the European Commission, will end again in Bonn with the Pützchens Markt. (Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach. Translation: kc)