Wet December Rhine level in Bonn breaks the five-meter mark

Bonn · Persistent rain has caused the Rhine level to rise. It has even passed the five-meter mark. At Christmas, the weather was marked by another special feature.

Rainfall in recent weeks has caused the Rhine and its tributaries to swell. On Wednesday morning, the water level broke the five-meter mark and reached a new high. At 3:15 p.m., the water level in Bonn already showed 5.04 meters. The last time the water level was higher was on February 6.

In general, December was extremely wet: only five days were without rain. A total of 93 liters of precipitation per square meter have already fallen, which is 180 percent of a normal December. This makes it the wettest month of the whole year.

But there was also another special weather feature at Christmas: For the first time since 2010 there were freezing temperatures and frost on one of the holidays. On Wednesday morning, -2.1 degrees Celsius were measured at the university's weather station in Endenich. Despite this, the last month of the year will be one of the ten warmest Decembers since 1895.

Klaus Kosack was chief statistician of the city of Bonn for decades.

Orig. text: Klaus Kosack

Translation: ck

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