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Peak level reached on Sunday: Rhine water level falls again in Bonn and the region

Peak level reached on Sunday : Rhine water level falls again in Bonn and the region

The river Rhine reached a peak level of 8.31 metres on Sunday in Bonn. Since Monday, the water level has been falling again and could approach the 7-metre mark on Tuesday.

After the river Rhine reached a high point of 8.31 metres on Sunday, the water level is now dropping again. As early as on Monday, the water level could fall back under the 8-metre mark. According to forecasts, the water will approach the 7-metre mark on Tuesday. Heavy rain and melted snow have caused high waters in Bonn and the region for over a week. From Friday to Sunday, the river’s water level permanently exceeded eight metres and caused flooding in many places.

At the end of last week, Marlene Willkomm, deputy head of the flood protection centre in Cologne, spoke of "completely normal winter flooding". The city of Bonn’s press office stated that “the fire brigade is monitoring the water level and checks are continuously made to determine whether further protective measures have to be taken." The civil engineering office erected a mobile wall in Gunterstraße in Mehlem on Friday to prevent the river water from running into the street. In Rheinaustraße in Beuel, further gates in the sewer system were closed.

Brassertufer flooded

Since last Tuesday, the Brassertufer in Bonn has been partly flooded and closed from the corner of Konviktstraße. In Beuel the Rhine has overflowed its banks by the ‘Bahnhöfchen’ and ‘Rheinlust’ restaurants. Footpaths and cycle paths here are closed.

What are the consequences of reaching certain water levels?

At a water level of 6.20 to 6.40 meters, the Mondorf ferry must be closed, and at 6.80 meters, navigation on the Rhine ceases. From seven meters, the dam gates in Beuel between Wolfsgasse and Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Strasse are closed, and on the left side of the Rhine, the access roads to the riverbank between Schaumburg-Lippe-Strasse up to Legionsweg are shut.

The bus stops ‘Bad Godesberg Fähre’ and ‘Bad Godesberg Rheinufer’ will no longer be served. In addition, from 7.40 meters, the number 66 tram line in the Königswinter/Bad Honnef-Rhöndorf area will flood. From 7.50 meters, the riverside promenade "Am Alten Zoll" floods and is no longer passable from eight meters. The data on water levels are based on measurements taken by the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration. The measuring station in Bonn is located at Rhine kilometre 654.80.

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Translation: Caroline Kusch