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Flooding in Bonn and the region: Rhine water level in Bonn to rise significantly on Sunday

Flooding in Bonn and the region : Rhine water level in Bonn to rise significantly on Sunday

High waters will continue to keep people in Bonn and the region on their guard over the weekend. After a level of 8.18 meters was measured on Friday, the Rhine water level is expected to rise sharply again on Sunday.

Even at the end of the week, the flooding at the Rhine will not subside. According to the city of Bonn, the water level rose to 8.18 meters at around 1 p.m. on Friday. And while it is expected to fall a little on Saturday, the level is expected to rise sharply again on Sunday. It could even reach up to 8.45 meters. On Thursday, the level in Bonn was still at 7.78 meters. Melted snow and the heavy rain of the past few days ensure that the water level continues to rise.

But the situation is not critical, says Marlene Willkomm, deputy head of the Flood Control Center in Cologne. "This is just normal winter flooding." She does not expect a major rise in water levels and expects the level to go down again at the beginning of the week, she said.

"The fire department is continuously monitoring the level and the projections and is checking whether further protective measures need to be taken," according to the press office of the city of Bonn. On the Rheinaustrasse in Beuel, more gate valves in the sewer network were closed. When the level approaches the 8.40 meter mark, the Stemmtor at the Kennedy Bridge will be closed. "Over the weekend, employees of the Public Order Bureau and the Civil Engineering Office will be on duty to check the critical riverbank areas and monitor the protective measures taken so far." The same goes for regulations in place concerning coronavirus: Larger gatherings of people in public areas are still prohibited, and social distancing still applies when people gather to view the flooding.

Brassertufer has been flooded for days

Since Tuesday morning, the Brassertufer has been partially flooded and closed off from the corner of Konviktstrasse. In Beuel, the Rhine has overflowed its banks in the area of the "Bahnhöfchen" and the "Rheinlust". There, the pedestrian and bicycle paths are closed. On Friday, the civil engineering office erected a mobile wall on Gunterstrasse in Mehlem to prevent water from running onto the street. The city said there could be more closures as the level rises.

Shipping traffic on the Rhine has been stopped. As the city further indicated, according to current forecasts, the flooding is not expected to reach residential areas near the river.

Already on Thursday, shipping traffic on the Rhine in Cologne was suspended for the time being due to the high waters. This is mandated when the water level reaches 8.30 meters. In the days before, Cologne had already been subject to high-water mark I, which meant shipping traffic was only allowed to travel at low speed in the middle of the river.

Also in Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Wesel and Rees, the Rhine water level continued to rise slightly compared to Thursday morning, as the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration wrote on its website.

The high water level has had a continuing impact on local transport in Bonn and the region. Tram line 66 only runs to the stop "Oberdollendorf". From there, shuttle buses take passengers to the train station in Bad Honnef, according to the Bonn public utility company responsible. The bus station at the final stop can also no longer be reached.

(Orig. text: ga/dpa; Translation: ck)