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Incident at an outdoor concert in Bonn: Ring-necked parakeets disrupt “Brings” concert

Incident at an outdoor concert in Bonn : Ring-necked parakeets disrupt “Brings” concert

At a concert of the Cologne group “Brings” on Saturday evening in Bonn, several dozen parakeets pestered concertgoers in front of the concert venue. The birds flew over them with only a few centimeters clearance.

On Saturday evening during an open air concert with the Cologne group “Brings” at the Rheinaue in Bonn, several dozen parakeets flew just a few centimeters above the heads of the numerous listeners who had settled in front of the fence enclosing the concert grounds. They were loud and squawking, and gave many a good scare. It was as if they did not want to let the people who were standing at the fence be able to hear the music.

Looked like mock attacks

What looked like mock attacks to the humans seemed to be great fun for the animals. They repeated the spectacle several times - to the delight of our photographer, who captured the scene with his camera.

But perhaps the noisy birds just wanted to protest in their own way against the unfamiliar music on the grassland next to the Römerbad pool, because only a few meters away the parakeets then settled in the hundreds on some trees below the southern bridge - and once again attracted the attention of passers-by with their loud squawking.

Orig. text: Ingo Firley

Translation: ck