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Turning and maneuvering barely possible: Road reconstruction in front of Bonn International School

Turning and maneuvering barely possible : Road reconstruction in front of Bonn International School

Bonn International School and the city have agreed to improvements for the road that runs in front of the school. Currently, dangerous situations sometimes occur in front of the entrance.

Time and again, there is disarray and sometimes even dangerous situations arise at the entrance to Bonn International School (BIS). It’s because there is a roundabout in front of the school parking lot at Martin-Luther-King-Straße but no continuous sidewalk for pedestrians. This leads to a lack of clarity about who has the right of way, says the city. Besides that, the crosswalk is not in the right place as the students cross the street at a different location. If they are brought to school or picked up from there in vehicles, it is often very tight for maneuvering and turning.

Improvements in store for motorists and pedestrians

Following an agreement between the school and the city administration, and an affirmative decision in the Bad Godesberg district council, the entrance to the parking lot will be rebuilt and the sidewalk will be extended. The pedestrian crossing will move to a different location. In the last stretch of the road, it will be widened: “Then it will be possible for 2-way traffic. Basically, through that, the obstructions will be eliminated. Turning around directly in front of the school would not be necessary,” says the city.

The 73,000 euros needed for the changes will be put in the 2019/2020 two-year budget (of the city). BIS wants to contribute 10,000 euros, because the parking lot entrance is partly on school premises. It wants to contribute the same amount for new bike racks, which cost a total of 37,000 euros. The city administration considers setting up the same bicycle racks at BIS which they have already set up throughout the city.

Marcel Schmitt of the Bürger Bund Bonn (BBB) expressed in the district council meeting that he wished for more concessions on the part of the school; no costs will be incurred by the school for the road reconstruction. He said he would like to see BIS used the saved money towards the redevelopment of the American Club.

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