Deutsche Telekom brings in British pop star Robbie Williams to give his only Germany concert in 2020 in Bonn

Bonn · Bonn and the world will celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday in 2020 - and Robbie Williams will join in the celebration. Deutsche Telekom will bring the British superstar to Bonn. He will appear at the Hofgarten on May 18, giving his only Germany concert of 2020 in Bonn.

Robbie Williams will come to Bonn to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday with 25,000 fans at the Hofgarten.

Robbie Williams will come to Bonn to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday with 25,000 fans at the Hofgarten.

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"I'm delighted to be coming to Bonn next year. Believe it or not, I'm coming because of Beethoven," Robbie Williams revealed in advance. The pop star promises the 25,000 people who will get to attend the concert on Monday, May 18, 2020, "a huge birthday party and a great concert." It is the superstar's only Germany concert in 2020. Deutsche Telekom is investing a seven-figure sum for the event.

Official advance ticket sales begin on December 19. Tickets start at 55 euros at all ticket offices and can be purchased online when the sales date begins: Telekom customers will be able to purchase tickets starting on December 16 with prices starting at 45 euros. The concert will be streamed live via the Telekom platforms.

Robbie Williams to sing at the Hofgarten in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges is keeping his word with the Robbie Williams concert. At a podium event a year ago, he promised to bring a world star to Bonn in the Beethoven Anniversary Year.

And there's even more to honor Bonn's most famous son. At a press conference at its headquarters in Bonn on Friday, the Deutsche Telekom Group presented further highlights of its anniversary program for Beethoven 2020. Among other things, Telekom is showing a young Beethoven at the age of 22 with the BTHVN-2020 app via smartphone.

The digitally accompanied tour takes users to seven locations in Bonn's city center that were of importance in the composer's life. For example, the app provides a view of the music room, his bedroom and the place where he was baptized.

AI to help complete unfinished symphony

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the participation of international experts, Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony is to receive a worthy conclusion with the support of the Beethoven Haus Bonn. Shortly before his death, the composer had begun working on it. But the time he had left was not enough. At his death, only sketches were available, no part of the composition had been completed.

Under the direction of Matthias Röder, Managing Director of the Karajan Institute, leading experts from the fields of AI and musicology as well as the composer Walter Werzowa have developed a system, the "Beethoven AI", which emulates Beethoven's style. Not only Beethoven's pieces as well as his notes on the 10th Symphony were added to the AI, but also the works of the composers and musicians who have demonstrably inspired and influenced Beethoven during his lifetime, such as Johann Sebastian Bach. Christine Siegert, head of the research department at the Beethoven Haus, will provide scientific support for the project.

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