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Bonn central station: Roof work preparation means train traffic restrictions this weekend

Bonn central station : Roof work preparation means train traffic restrictions this weekend

Preparations are taking place to renovate the aging roof at Bonn central station. On Tuesday, an 80-ton crane was put into place for the work. This weekend, there will be some travel restrictions.

One more crane stands perched in Bonn city center, put in place on Tuesday for the renovation of the aging and deteriorating roof at the central train station. The approximate 80-ton crane will be especially needed for hoisting the roof construction made of steel. Under historical preservation order, the roof will be fully renovated and put in up place again.

This will all happen directly over the train platforms and tracks which will remain in operation during the reconstruction. A special mobile scaffolding will be used by the workers, and moved along the track bit by bit as work progresses. It will be built up this weekend, which will cause some travel restrictions at the Bonn central train station.

Deutsche Bahn (German Rail- DB) announced that from this Friday at 4pm until Sunday at 10 pm, the regional train RB 30 (Ahrtalbahn) will only reach the Bad Godesberg train station. Because the scaffolding has to be put in place, and there are already fewer platforms available due to the ongoing renovations, DB decided to limit the number of incoming trains. For those passengers coming from Ahrweiler who want to continue on from Bad Godesberg, they can take other trains on to the Bonn central station from there.

The crane is anchored into the ground with twelve long rods which are seven meters long. Crane operator Matthias Lutter explained, “The challenge is that we have very little space here. And we cannot bump into anything.” The crane set up on Tuesday will be able to reach half of the roof and a second crane will have to be installed later to reach the other half.

It was also announced that all trains from Line RB48 (Rhine-Wupper-Bahn) between Godesberg-Mehlem and Brühl will be cancelled from Friday, September 1 at 5 pm until Sunday, September 3 because of a closed portion of the route. Passengers can use the Mittelrheinbahn 26 as an alternative.

(Orig. text: Nicolas Otterbach, kph, Translation: ckloep)