Rüngsdorf construction Roundabout completion pushed to end of July

Rüngsdorf · Construction on the turning circle in Rüngsdorf has been challenging. It will be completed later than originally planned due to corrections that need to be carried out.

The turning circle being constructed in Rüngsdorf will be finished later than expected. It was initially planned for all the heavy machinery and construction equipment to be cleared from Römerplatz by the end of June, but now the city is looking to the end of July. General Anzeiger received the information from the city in response to an inquiry.

As reported, corrections are required in some of the work which was previously completed. The height of the middle section was not correctly corresponding to the rest of the area. That is the reason for the delay, according to the city. But the project is still on budget. The city says the lowest bid was over 700,000 euros.

The bid called for construction of a “small” turning circle with an outer diameter of 28 meters. Ubierstraße, Rheinstraße, Konstantinstraße, Karl-Finkelnburg-Straße and Rüngsdorfer Straße will all be connected to the roundabout. Cäsariusstraße will not be a part of it.

In the future, the traffic lights will be taken away, and drivers will only be able to make a right turn onto Ubierstraße.

(Orig. Text: jab/Translation: ck)

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