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Corona protection measures not observed: Rush to Xatar's Köfte snack bar remains without consequences

Corona protection measures not observed : Rush to Xatar's Köfte snack bar remains without consequences

No face mask, no distance: hundreds of young people crowded together on Saturday at the opening of the snack bar of the rapper Xatar in Bonn. Now the public order office is checking it daily.

After the opening of the snack bar of the rapper Xatar there is criticism from Bonn businessmen and citizens. "What remains with me is the bland aftertaste that different standards are being applied here," writes one GA reader. On the one hand, they are meticulous about ensuring that restaurant tables are at the right distance from each other. On the other hand, more than 350 mainly young people attended on Saturday, and the corona protection measures were not observed. However, the public order office did not cancel the opening, but let it slowly run out.

"If this had been a stationary location, like a conventional restaurant in a permanent state, we would have handled things differently," says Ullrich Forkert from the municipal public order office, who was also the head of operations on site. From his point of view, there would have been no other way to act. "What counts for me is the weighing up of property rights. If there is an uncontrolled outflow, no matter which grouping, the experience is that a momentum of its own is created in a direction we don't want." At first he wanted to disband, but he didn't have the manpower. Because of the peaceful situation, the police saw no reason to march up with numerous officers from the outset. In addition, according to a police spokesman, the compliance with the Corona protection measures was the task of the law enforcement agencies, the police only provided administrative assistance. If there had been a dispute, emergency forces would have been called in quickly and not waited for the riot police to arrive.

In order to prevent scenes like the one on Saturday, the public order office has made it a condition that a snack bar employee ensures that the regulations are observed. "We check this daily and on a case-by-case basis," says Forkert. There will be no consequences for operator Xatar. "Obviously he himself was surprised by the rush," said a city spokeswoman. However, in the event of repeated serious violations, a premises can be closed by the public order office.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Mareike Graepel)