250 flights in Germany are affected Ryan Air strike will cause cancellations in Cologne/Bonn

Cologne/Duesseldorf/Weeze · Numerous flights which were scheduled for Friday have been cancelled due to a strike at Ryanair. As of Wednesday night, 14 departures from Cologne/Bonn Airport had been canceled.

A strike at Ryanair means numerous flights will be cancelled on Friday in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). At Ryanair’s base in Weeze, 16 out of the 19 flights scheduled for Friday had been cancelled, a spokesperson said on Wednesday. Passengers had already been informed.

Cologne / Bonn Airport announced that as of Wednesday night, 14 of 54 scheduled Ryanair flights (27 departures, 27 landings) had been cancelled for Friday. Also affected are flights from airline Laudamotion, where three scheduled flights were reportedly cancelled. Passengers should check the Ryanair website for the status of their flights.

At the largest NRW airport in Düsseldorf, a total of twelve take-offs and landings were cancelled, according to a spokesperson. Four of them were directly related to Ryanair, while eight others were on routes operated by the airline Laudamotion, which also serves Ryanair.

On Wednesday, the pilots’ union in Germany joined the strike along with Ireland, Belgium and Sweden, calling for pilots in Germany to stop work on Friday. The airline then cut 250 flights in Germany. All airports except Baden-Baden are affected. About a third of German customers will still be able to fly on Friday, because their planes are coming from countries that are not affected by the strike, said Ryanair marketing boss Kenny Jacobs.

The strike will begin at 3:01am on Friday, August 10 and continue until 2:59am on Saturday, August 11. Pilots are demanding better pay and improved working conditions. (Orig. text: dpa, Carol Kloeppel, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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