Ryanair new routes Ryanair growing in Cologne/Bonn

Cologne/Bonn · Ryanair has seen strong growth in Cologne/Bonn and will add some new routes to its winter timetable.

Feeling at home in Cologne/Bonn, Ryanair has seen its strongest growth here and wants to continue that trend. Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs, said the past year “has been fantastic”. The number of passengers in the new fiscal year beginning in April, is expected to rise to 2.6 million.

Ryanair hopes to increase passenger numbers by adding new routes to its winter timetable for 2016/2017. New on the timetable will be a daily flight to Sofia, Bulgaria. Flights to Malta will also be on the winter plan for two days a week. Extra flights will be added to Grand Canaria and Palma de Mallorca.

Currently, Ryanair offers 19 routes with 141 flights every week. There are three aircraft stationed at Cologne/Bonn airport but next year it might rise to four aircraft. It was initially considered to have a fourth aircraft there already but this didn’t pan out. Adjustments to competition but also to customer wishes, and developments such as terror attacks influence such decisions. Jacobs said, “It’s about real growth, not about just growing quickly.”

Ryanair predicts that Lufthansa will reduce the number of shorter flights, and that Air Berlin will reduce its capacity in general. In Germany, Ryanair wants to increase its market share from 5% to 20% in the next four to five years.

(Orig. text: Ralf Arenz)

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