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Hit and run: Scooter driver seriously injured in Bonn

Hit and run : Scooter driver seriously injured in Bonn

A serious accident happened on Thomasstraße in Bonn on Wednesday morning. A scooter driver was injured. The motorist who hit him did not stop and left the scene without checking on the other man.

The police are looking for the motorist who caused an accident on Thomasstraße and fled the scene afterwards. In the accident around 7.10am a 40-year-old scooter driver was seriously injured. According to witness statements he was heading towards Heinrich-Böll-Ring when the driver of an oncoming car illegally turned left onto the Hochstadenring, colliding with the scooter driver. The motorist stopped briefly and then drove off towards Bornheimer Straße without checking on the other man.

It is only known that the car seemed to have been a grey or silver Volkswagen Golf with a Bonn reg. The injured man was medically treated at the scene and admitted to a hospital for inpatient care.

Other witnesses are asked to come forward and contact the police at 0228/150.

Original text: Bernd Linnarz

Translation: Mareike Graepel