Ordnungsamt disposes of it "at short notice" Scrap car causes trouble in Duisdorf

Bonn-Duisdorf · Residents in Duisdorf-Mitte are indignant about garbage and neglect: A scrap car is parked on the street Am Burgacker, so there is garbage lying around. The city wants to have the car disposed of. Meanwhile, politicians want to push ahead with the restructuring in this area.

 A small car that is ready for scrap is causing trouble for the neighbours on the street Am Burgacker. The city wants to have the wreck disposed of.

A small car that is ready for scrap is causing trouble for the neighbours on the street Am Burgacker. The city wants to have the wreck disposed of.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Egon Dittrich is tired of it. Every day his eyes fall on the scrap car parked in the centre of Duisdorf. Since last summer, the green compact car has apparently been standing abandoned at a house on the street Am Burgacker, blocking Dittrich's exit. He has made several appearances at the public order office, and he has also brought politicians to shame. So far nothing has happened. At the request of the General-Anzeiger newspaper, the municipal press office has announced that the vehicle will be disposed of by the public order office "at short notice“.

So far, however, not only the residents have been confronted with a rather repulsive sight. The car doors have been broken open, the windows smashed. According to Dittrich, young people are gathering in and around the car at night. Apparently, others felt encouraged by the pile of scrap metal to dispose of their rubbish, such as building rubble, without permission.

CDU councillor Bert Moll, who has already pointed out the situation around the Am Burgacker area several times, again demands that "neglect and littering in the Duisdorf district centre must be counteracted more decisively. He said that the conditions at the back of the parking lot of the Ümit company and the adjacent building, as well as the green strip behind the municipal parking lot opposite the fire station, were bad.

"The side strip Am Burgacker and the bushes are full of garbage, for which apparently neither Bonnorange nor the municipal department for city green areas feel responsible", Moll complains. "This irresponsibility must change". After all, this is not no man's land, the respective owners of the areas - city or private - have a duty to take care. "So much rubbish in our district centre, it's madness. What kind of impression does it give?"

Moll: "Although residents have pointed out the scrap car that was parked, nothing has happened yet." This kind of neglect is a cause for concern that more waste will be dumped there. "This state of affairs is no longer acceptable." According to Moll, the severe rat plague around the parking lots on the street Am Burgacker has been contained. As reported, residents had seen more rats in summer. The administration and the team for pest control had been able to reduce the number of animals with traps and poisoned bait.

In any case, the administration has had a planning contract for the area "Am Burgweiher/Am Burgacker" for years, which was reaffirmed last September by a unanimous motion in the district council. After the former fireclay factory on the opposite side of the street was sold to Kölngrund and apartments are to be built there (the GA reported), a joint motion by the CDU, Greens and FDP has put the focus on a framework planning for the entire area. It is the heart of Duisdorf and should therefore not be planned piecemeal, but in one piece.

In this context, the SPD also urges that the traffic situation be taken into account. The streets Am Burgweiher/B56 as well as Lessenicher Straße and Bahnhofsstraße are heavily frequented.

Plans were already on the table in 2010 to better link the areas east and west of the B56, to create a connection to the pedestrian zone and to upgrade the public space between Villemombler and Derlestraße in terms of design. Three roundabouts were planned for a continuous flow of traffic. However, this project failed due to lack of money. The politicians are now waiting for new proposals for the design of the area.

(Original text: Jutta Specht; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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