Accused confesses Second Cologne Cathedral burglar apprehended

Cologne · Police investigators took a 37-year-old man into custody on Friday morning in Cologne-Buchforst. His accomplice had already been apprehended on Tuesday.

Following investigations into a break-in at the Cologne Cathedral, police were led to an apartment in Cologne-Buchforst. They took a suspect into custody at around 7:30 am on Friday morning. According to police, the accused made a confession and will be brought before a judge today.

Already on Tuesday, his 28-year-old accomplice had been arrested at Cologne/Bonn Airport. The man was identified on Tuesday morning at the point of entry after coming from London-Stansted Airport. There had been an arrest warrant issued for him.

Police reported that the first suspect had gone directly to England following the break-in. After his arrest, his journey led him to police heaquarters in Cologne where he awaits his day in court.

In a previous report, police had initially announced that they had apprehended both burglars. The duo is accused of breaking into the Cologne Cathedral in the early morning hours on July 17. Police had been searching for them since July 18 with photos from a surveillance camera.

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