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Current Corona situation: Second vaccination dates postponed in Bonn after Astrazeneca vaccination

Current Corona situation : Second vaccination dates postponed in Bonn after Astrazeneca vaccination

It is unclear how long school children in NRW will remain in distance learning. Seven-day incidences in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district have increased significantly.

Second vaccination with Astrazeneca only after twelve weeks

The city of Bonn informed on Monday about a new procedure for second vaccinations with Astrazeneca. According to this, regardless of age, if the first vaccination has already been carried out, the upcoming second vaccinations are to be postponed from an interval of nine weeks to an interval of 12 weeks. This affects about 4,000 people in Bonn, who, according to the city, have already been informed about this by e-mail today, Monday. The city bases its decision on a recommendation of the Permanent Vaccination Commission.

According to the city, those affected will automatically be assigned a new date. The previous date in each case will be moved to three weeks later at the same time. The vaccination will be administered with an mRNA vaccine for those under 60 (Biontech or Moderna), and with Astrazeneca for those over 60.

Those who want to stick with their appointment after nine weeks, despite the recommendation of 12 weeks, need do nothing more than come to the vaccination center at the scheduled appointment, the statement added. In these cases, however, the second vaccination would then have to be carried out with Astrazeneca.

As the city of Bonn announced on Monday, 65,034 first vaccinations have been carried out in Bonn so far, 38,936 of them at the vaccination center. 24,140 people have also already received their second vaccination in Bonn.

Incidence rate in Cologne is 149.9

On Monday, there is a total of 41,747 (previous day: 41,365) confirmed Corona virus case in the territory of the city of Cologne. The incidence number in Cologne is currently 149.9 and the reproduction number is 0.97, according to the city of Cologne.

Cologne hospitals and clinics are facing a threatening situation in intensive care units. The number of sick people in intensive care units continues to rise. With 113 people being treated in intensive care units, the highest number of the pandemic so far was exceeded today. A total of 319 people are currently hospitalized with Corona infection.

No other deaths related to Covid 19 disease have been reported to the Health Department. To date, 596 Cologne residents who tested positive for Covid-19 have died. Currently, 2,969 citizens of Cologne are infected with the Corona virus.

Almost four million vaccine doses administered in NRW so far

Nearly four million vaccine doses have been injected in North Rhine-Westphalia since the Corona vaccination campaign began in late December. This is according to the vaccination statistics of the Robert Koch Institute published on Monday. According to the statistics, including Sunday, 2,892,119 people in North Rhine-Westphalia have received an initial vaccination against Corona. Of these, 1,039,411 people have now received the second injection for full vaccination protection. Taken together, this amounts to 3,931,530 Corona vaccinations in NRW to date.

Up to and including Sunday, 16.1 percent of NRW residents have thus received a first vaccination. The most populous state in Germany is thus slightly above the national average of 15.9 in a comparison of states for initial vaccinations.

(Original text: ga/dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)