Motorway closed towards Bonn: Traffic jam Seven injured in accident on A565

Bonn · Seven people were injured in accident on the A565 between Poppelsdorf and Endenich on Monday afternoon. A livestock transporter was also involved. The motorway towards the Bonn-Nordost junction was closed until the evening.

According to the motorway police a serious accident happened on the A565 between Poppelsdorf and Endenich during the late afternoon on Monday. Seven people were slightly injured or suffered moderately severe injuries.

The police reported that there had been a tail back prior to the accident. The driver of a pig transporter did not notice this in time and drove into the car stopped in front of him. This way four cars slid into each other.

All vehicle passengers from all involved cars, with the exception of the lorry driver, were able to free themselves from the car wrecks. The lorry driver needed medical treatment before leaving the vehicle. All injured persons were brought to hospitals in Bonn, some accompanied by an emergency doctor.

Because the animals in the livestock transporter were under a lot of stress due to the accident, the fire brigade cooled the animals down after consulting with the public veterinarian, using several fire hoses and a high performance cooling fan. The pigs calmed down noticeably during this and could be reloaded on to an intact transporter by an expert company in Troisdorf.

The fire brigade supported the police in their accident report and with the removal of the car wrecks. There were about 50 emergency personnel involved from all city fire and emergency stations, the professional fire brigade, the Duisdorf unit of the voluntary fire brigade Bonn and the rescue services.

The A565 was closed until 7.55pm towards the Bonn-Nordost junction. This caused long traffic jams in the evening.

(Original text: GA / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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