New businesses Seven new stores to open in Mambo building

Bonn · Beginning in fall this year, seven new stores will rent space in the former Mambo building on Ennemoser Straße, offering an assortment of furniture. More merchants are expected as well.

Six rental contracts have already been finalized, according to Mambo CEO Gert-Peter Kopprasch, who owns the property. He is also looking for further tenants; a baby store, kitchen specialist or office supply store. The new stores could open at the end of September.

New tenants will not be spatially separated from each other. Instead, their businesses will be situated in the open space, flowing much as it did in the Mambo furniture store, which closes in July. “These Residential-Boulevards are quite successful in the Netherlands, for example,” says Kopprasch about his new concept for the existing Mambo space. It offers around 10,000 square meters altogether.

Kopprasch wants to completely withdraw from the retail trade and concentrate on real estate transactions. The entrepreneur wants to rent out the existing Mambo stores in Cologne and Bonn to so-called self-storage-providers, which lease smaller storage rooms to private persons.

Of the former eight Mambo locations, including warehouses in Bonn, Cologne, Kaiserslautern and Trier, only the furniture store in Trier remains open. That store owner continues to run the business on his own, said Kopprasch. All but about eight of the 70 Mambo employees have found new jobs. Mambo is currently selling off its remaining merchandise.

At the end of March, Kopprasch had announced the closing of the furniture store, which his father had opened more than five decades ago. He no longer saw an economic future for the furniture store because of the dwindling customer base.

Orig. Text: Delphine Sachsenröder Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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