Fire on Autohilfe site Several cars burnt out in Rheinbach

Rheinbach · During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, several cars burnt out in Rheinbach at a security site. The cause is still unclear. The police have started the investigation.

Several cars burnt out in Rheinbach during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Around 2.30 am on Wednesday morning, the fire brigade was called to a security area of the Autohilfe in Rheinbach on the street Heerstraßenbenden because of a vehicle fire. The emergency services found several cars in full blaze because the fire had already spread to other cars, according to the fire brigade. In the end, four cars were completely burnt out, but the Autohilfe hall remained undamaged.

The 24 firefighters extinguished the fire, which could be quickly brought under control with water and foam. Two minibuses are said to have been among the burnt-out vehicles. One transporter was severely damaged by the flames. The police have started investigations on site to find out how the fire could have started.

(Original text: GA Bonn/Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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