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Sparks from freight train: Several fires along Cologne - Bonn railway line

Sparks from freight train : Several fires along Cologne - Bonn railway line

There were fires on Wednesday at several points along the railway line between Cologne and Bonn. All fire vehicles from the Bonn Fire Department were deployed to extinguish the fires, along with two helicopters for spotting.

According to a spokesman for the Bonn Fire Department, the undergrowth was burning at seven locations along the rail tracks in Beuel. The biggest fire was on the street called Siebenmorgenweg in Vilich, with the fires apparently breaking out at around 1 pm. There were also several fires along the embankment from Cologne-Porz to Beuel. According to information received by this newspaper, the fires were caused by the flying sparks of a stuck brake on a freight train.

All the firefighting vehicles of the Bonn Fire Department were deployed, as well as two helicopters. In addition, many local volunteer firefighters were called in to help ensure the protection of citizens in the Bonn urban area. By 3pm, all of the fires had been extinguished, according to the fire department.

In Cologne, there were a total of five embankment fires between the freight yard Gremberg and the town of Wahn. Again, a helicopter was used to identify the burning areas from above. Some of the embankment fires sometimes ran several hundred meters along the tracks. The Cologne Fire Department said it was still putting out fires at around 4pm. 120 firefighters had been deployed there.

The fires had a major impact on rail traffic. As Deutsche Bahn announced on Twitter, the train route between Cologne and Beuel was completely closed for several hours. Affected were the Regional Express 8, the Regional Train 27 and the S12, S13 and S19.

At 4:15pm, the track was opened again. But there were still some delays - also due to signal problems on the stretch between Troisdorf and Bonn-Beuel.

On August 7, seven houses were destroyed in a fire which began on a railway embankment of the DB line. GA has learned from investigators that the cause may never be clarified. Up to now, it is thought that possible triggers for the fire include a discarded cigarette butt, broken glass and flying sparks from a train. It is clear that the continuing dry weather and heat was the decisive factor in the fire.

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