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Autobahn closed: Several injured in two accidents on A59

Autobahn closed : Several injured in two accidents on A59

Seven people were injured on Wednesday afternoon in two separate accidents on the A59 near Troisdorf-Spich. In the direction towards Cologne, the autobahn was closed until evening.

There were two accidents on the Autobahn 59 near Troisdorf-Spich. In the first accident, an empty tanker truck hit a semi-trailer truck on the Cologne-bound autobahn at 12 noon. Apparently, the trailer of the semi truck became detached for reasons unknown. Also involved in this accident were a van from Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), a Smart car and a Mercedes.

According to the police, a 27-year-old driver was seriously injured in the accident, and the two male occupants of the van (27, 32) suffered minor injuries. Minor injuries were also suffered by two men (31, 54) who were in the truck. A 79-year-old car driver was not injured. Police confiscated a camera from the Mercedes driver, which he apparently had used for recording evidence.

The A59 in the direction of Cologne was closed until 8:40 pm. Traffic was at first diverted shortly ahead of the scene of the accident via the Spich exit. Then it was diverted already at the Sankt Augustin-West junction beginning at around 2 pm. As a result, there was a long queue of traffic up to the A565 and the north bridge.

Shortly after this accident, a VW Golf car hit a taxi on the opposite side of the autobahn not far from the location of the multiple vehicle collision. Two people were injured in this second accident. At first the autobahn was closed in the direction towards Bonn, but then a single lane was made available so motorists could get by the scene of the accident.

The traffic accident team of the autobahn police was on site and documented the resulting damages. A 3-D scanner was also used. In particular, the team is investigating how the trailer of one of the trucks involved was able to become detached.

(Orig. text: ga.de; Translation: ck)