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Another unusual transport in Bonn: Ship full of tanks sighted on the Rhine again

Another unusual transport in Bonn : Ship full of tanks sighted on the Rhine again

Once again a ship full of tanks has appeared on the Rhine. The tanks belong to the US Army and went up the Rhine towards Mannheim.

From there, they continued on to Eastern Europe, where they are deployed as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. On its way up the Rhine towards Koblenz, a ship full of tanks and other military vehicles passed the Kennedy Bridge in Bonn on Monday. A witness reported the unusual cargo to the GA. At the end of January, a passer-by had already observed a similar transport on the Rhine. As the US army confirmed on request, the vehicles belong to it.

They are currently being exchanged as part of Operation "Atlantic Resolve", which is to be carried out by US forces and which is intended to secure peace and stability in the Eastern European NATO countries. The vehicles took off from the port of Antwerp, which they had previously reached across the Atlantic, and continued their journey up the Rhine to Mannheim.

From there, according to the US Army, the tracked vehicles will be transported like thetanks by train to Grafenwöhr in the Upper Palatinate - where the USA has a military training area - before continuing on to Eastern Europe. Original text: Sebastian Meltz Translation: Mareike Graepel