Cause unclear Sick swans are again found in the Bonn Rheinaue

BONN · The animal rescue division of the Bonn fire brigade has again had to collect two sick swans from the Rheinaue in Bonn. Members of the public found the animals in an "apathetic condition" on the shore of the Rheinaue lake.

Once again, two sick swans had to be collected by the animal rescue branch of the Bonn fire brigade from the Rheinaue. On Saturday morning, members of the public found two birds in an "apathetic condition" on the banks of the Rheinaue lake, the municipal press office confirmed.

The animals were then taken to the wild bird sanctuary in Mayen-Kirchwald. What the swans suffered from and whether it was paralysing botulism is unclear, according to the city. "But the assumption is of course a possibility", a spokesman said. Only last December, three birds died in the Rheinaue and veterinarians assumed botulism to be the cause.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach

Translation: John Chandler

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